The Des Plaines Community Foundation has unveiled a new scholarship award targeted to junior and senior high school students.

“The new Sadie Rose Argus Leadership Award has been established to recognize young individuals who volunteer and share their time and talents with the Des Plaines Community Foundation (DPCF),” said Chris Pesche, president of the foundation.

The Sadie Rose Argus Leadership Award will be given to students in recognition of their efforts and volunteer hours directly related to carrying out the mission, programs and services of the DPCF.

Winners will be cited for: program leadership; recruitment of youth for volunteer activities; exhibiting exemplary character, and creating new opportunities for individuals in Des Plaines that enhance quality of life. There are no resident requirements.

“We believe that helping our young adults obtain a college education is an investment, not only in the future of our youth, but also in the future of Des Plaines,” Pesche said.

“The scholarship was created to help bring juniors and senior high school students’ post-secondary assistance for those who volunteer and help the DPCF carry out their mission, programs and services,” he said.

The award amount is determined by and at the discretion of the DPCF committee. This is the first year the Foundation has offered this new scholarship.

Issued by the board of trustees, a maximum of $1,000 will be paid to a post-secondary education institution selected by a student who earns this recognition.

The Sadie Rose Argus Leadership Award may or may not be granted annually. However, the award amount must be dedicated and set aside and identified as a dedicated resource for the award and/or future awards.

“This award is being established in honor of Sadie Rose Argus due to her tireless contributions to further the mission of the DPCF,” said Pesche.

Examples of Sadie Rose Argus’ contributions follow, but future winners are not limited to these acts of service:

• Assisting homeowners in packing and cleaning for countless hours.
• Snow shoveling for the Des Plaines senior citizens and disabled.
• Soliciting and picking up donations and contributions;
• Recruitment of youth volunteers.
• Creating new opportunities for Des Plaines residents that enhance quality of life.
• Promotions for teens with special needs.

“In recognition of the above contributions to the DPCF the committee recommended a thank you award of $1,000 to cover book expenses of Sadie Rose Argus in her post-secondary education,” said Pesche.

There is no application for the award. Eligible juniors and seniors may be nominated by the DPCF executive director, DPCF Board members or a community member directly impacted by the DPCF’s work and by s student providing that service.

Those nominated will be reviewed by the nomination committee that will consist of a minimum of four DPCF trustees.

The committee will be judging the student efforts and volunteer hours directly related to carrying out the mission, programs and services of the DPCF.

The leadership the student provided, including, but not limited to the recruitment of other youths for volunteer activities and the exhibit of exemplary character.

The foundation raises funds to identify, link and mobilize assets to support the service programs of the Des Plaines Healthy Community Partnership Programs whose activities improve the lives of those that live and work in Des Plaines.

Some of the programs include: Neighbors Helping Neighbors Program Committee, Healthy Community/Healthy Youth Program Committee, Intergenerational Program Committee, and Seasons of Service program Committee.

The foundation has no paid employees and is 100-percent volunteer. Foundation is a 501c3 organization and funds are obtained from individuals, businesses, and corporate tax-deductible contributions as well as from other foundations.